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Blackjack Betting Featured Article


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A Blackjack Betting Technique


By: Matthew Rotterman

When compared to other games blackjack offers the best odds of winning in a casino. Casino games are set up for the casino to win in the long run and to allow you to win some money here and there. If you play long enough at a game you will lose and the casino will win. The approach that you take to betting can help increase you chances of leaving the casino with money. Since blackjack offers you the best odds of winning let’s focus on a technique that I have used which I believe gives you your best chance of making money.

I have been playing blackjack for a number of years now and when I first started playing I heard a saying at the blackjack table “scared money doesn’t make money”. This has proven to be very true in my gambling. What this statement means is that if you are not willing to risk your money, you may win a little, but you will not have the huge winnings that you could have had if you had bet big. Sure, if you gamble small amounts of money you will not lose large amounts, but you won’t win large amounts either. I like to try to win large amounts of money when I gamble.

Now down to the details of this technique. This technique assumes that I will win a number of hands in a row. This can and does happen, though not as often as I would like it to. Let’s say I start out with a bet of $10 on my first hand and win. The next hand I will take the $10 that I won and stack it on top of the $10 that I already had out for a total bet of $20. Now we are at the second hand and we will assume again that I win this hand. Now I have won $20, I will take $10 of that and place on top of the $20 that I already had out there for a total of a $30 bet and I will keep the other $10. Now we are at the third hand.

A $30 bet may sound like a lot of money to wager but consider this; if I lose I am right back to where I started, totally even. This is the most important hand of this technique so play it wisely. Assuming again that I win this third hand, I will take $15 of my $30 won on that hand to keep and $15 on top of the $30 I already had out there for a total bet of $45. This progressive betting simply continues by taking half of the winnings to keep and the other half to increase your bet. Suppose you did win that fourth hand of $45, how much would you have now? For the mathematicians out there it is $115 total; the $45 that was bet, the $45 that was won, and the $25 that you set back from hands two and three. Not bad for starting with $10.

Now I know that some of you are asking how likely it is to actually win four hands in a row. Well if you have played blackjack very often then you know it is very possible to win four hands in a row. If you take this technique and use it on a shoe that you are winning you can make hundreds in a single shoe. I once sat at a blackjack table, alone with the dealer and a six-deck shoe. I lost the first three hands. I started with a $10 bet for all three hands. On the fourth hand with a $10 bet I won. I followed my technique and did not lose another hand until the last two hands of the shoe. I won over $2,000 in that one shoe. This is definitely not the norm! I shared that example just to show you how effective this technique can be.

There will be many times that you do not win three or four hands in a row. When this happens I simply stick with my $10 bet. If I have a $45 bet out and lose, I start over at with the betting at $10 and begin again. This style of betting also allows for you to win a few hands and to lose a few hands and come out relatively even. For those of you who understand the idea behind doubling down, I almost always double with the same amount that I have bet already. Remember, scared money doesn’t make money.

Try this technique and see if it works for you, but also understand that if you play long enough you will lose. Try not to get caught up in the moment and take the money and run when you are ahead. Good luck.

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