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A little skill and a little flair, here’s Blackjack for You


By: Shelby Winslet

A game of Blackjack is more fun when you have learnt the tricks and twists off the game. Many Blackjack lovers play it for fun and end up losing in dollars real soon. With a little skill and a little flair, you can perfect yourself the game of Blackjack. The object of the game is to get a hand higher than the dealer’s without going over 21.
Learn how to score a hand. Take ten points if you have a king, queen, jack and the number ten. An ace will fetch a point or eleven. It’s not wise to take cards before your hand exceeds 21 points. Also notify your dealer and the other players by showing your cards if you get a natural 21.
At the casino find out the available blackjack tables. Don’t forget to read the house rules written on table. Look out for a blackjack table which has a minimum bet in your price range. You can wait until all the players have placed their bets and the dealer has given two cards to each player and himself. One of the dealer’s cards will be shown face up. It’s good to place an insurance bet if the dealer is showing an ace. An insurance bet is one where the dealer has been dealt at 21. In case if the dealer does not have 21, the insurance bet is lost. If the dealer comes to you saying ‘Hit me’ ask for another card. You could pass on taking another card by waving your hand above the cards in a censoring manner or responding ‘No’ to dealer’s query.
If you are unhappy with your hand it’s safe to surrender. There are some casinos which give you half your wager in such cases. It’s good for you as you can surrender without losing the whole money. So tell your dealer ‘I am out’. Also check out these jargons which will be helpful while you take a shot at blackjack.

Double down means you could bet that you will win the hand with just one more card dealt to you. It doubles the original bet amount
Split pairs give you the option to create two separate hands. When you indicate the dealer about splitting pairs, the dealer will then deal with a new card for each hand and each hand will be played individually against the dealer

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