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Bermuda Poker
By: Laura Rupert

Bermuda Poker: A Variation of the Traditional Poker Game

For all of the poker lovers out there, Bermuda poker is a great variation of this popular game. Prior to getting started with playing the game of Bermuda poker, it is helpful for those new to the game to learn a bit about how the game is played in order to learn correctly and to really develop an appreciation for this great card game.

How to Play Bermuda Poker

The game of Bermuda poker is basically one in which the player is playing against the dealer. The amount of one’s winnings depends upon how good their hand is. To start off playing Bermuda poker, the player will ante up, which simply means to place a bet. The dealer will then deal five cards each to both himself/herself and the player. The player’s cards will be dealt face up but only one of the dealer’s cards will be showing as the others will be face down. The player will then decide whether to fold or to raise. If the player folds, then they will lose the bet and the dealer wins. However, should the player raise and they beat the dealer, they will be paid based upon their hand.


The winnings vary based upon the hand which the winning player holds at the end. For example, the player would receive 1:1 for One Pair whereas for a Royal Flush, the payout may be 100:1. So, the better the hand you have the better the winnings you will enjoy.

For those individuals who love a good game of poker, giving Bermuda poker a try is a win-win situation. Even if the individual loses a few bets, they gain something in the end, which is having played a fun and entertaining casino game.

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