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Expert Strategy for Online Poker
By: Roger Shriver
Online Poker strategist gives free advice to online poker players on how to make a steady income playing online poker or becoming a poker room affiliate. (PRWEB) August 15, 2005 — Before you invest time and money playing online poker or proceeding to risk your money, check with expert online poker strategist Roger Shriver. Whether you are a new player or seasoned pro, Roger can not only tell you how to take advantage of online poker but how to make it a steady income. Roger’s new website shows online poker players how he has won thousands every year playing online poker. He began playing in college and proceeded to pay off his bills and college tuition from his online poker play and now he shows players how he still does it. According to Roger the question he gets most is, “Why can I win at live poker but consistently lose playing online due to bad beats?” Roger addresses all of these issues in his e-book that he offers at his website for free to online poker players. He has given away hundreds of copies and has gotten customers winning within hours after reading his techniques. Roger Shriver not only provides poker players with strategy to win consistently, but he is also an online poker room promoter where he shows interested poker affiliates how they can make tens of thousands promoting the recent online poker eruption. Mr. Shriver currently promotes Pacific Poker and Noble Poker and makes thousands each month from these websites. He shows how he does it in his free e-books he has written for true poker enthusiasts. Instant access and fast service is important to Roger and that is why he decided to offer his online poker e-books entitled “Cashout Complete” and “Affiliate Kingdom” on his website for free with instant download access. He believes with the WSOP debuting on ESPN and the infiltration of new players into these poker rooms is making players thousands whom know correct online poker strategy to take advantage of these new players. To view his website go to
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