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Free Online Poker Tournaments

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Free online poker tournaments are a great way to get a chance at winning a lot of money without risking any of your own. You might think that something like this would be hard to find, but in fact there are hundreds of free poker tournaments being staged every month on websites all over the internet. In this article we’ll take a look at how this is possible and discuss one or two sites that frequently offer poker for free.

How can sites do this?

In order to understand how a site can be so liberal as to allow people to play poker for nothing, and yet still offer a good prize, it is important to understand advertising. Many of the sites that offer these free tournaments are supported heavily by advertisers, and the important thing for these advertisers is to see their campaign reaching as large an audience as possible.

The upsurge in the popularity of poker over the past five years has meant that hundreds of thousands of players are interested in playing in comp tournaments as well as real money tournaments, and that is great news for all sorts of websites. Big name companies which traditionally advertise through sports networks and other related media are willing to pay top dollar to get their names on these poker tournaments, and will often front a lot of the prize money in order to do so. Sure, they end up having to pay out some money to one individual, but if the tournament is really big, they have reached thousands, and in an international market no less, with their message. Moreover, the pot is often a fraction of the price of the advertising campaign!

Finding free online poker tournaments

One of the great things about the Internet is that it really isn’t very hard to find anything that you might be looking for. One way to find poker tournaments for free is by going to the site operated by the sports station that you watch regularly. ESPN has a huge poker section on their site, and it’s all complimentary. You can play in their tournaments and in their regular matches just by registering, and you have the chance to win money without risking any of your own. This is perfect for anyone who can’t afford to be too liberal with their cash.

Another way to find “free ride” poker is by doing a search on a search engine. All you need to do here is type the magical phrase “free online poker tournament” (you could also use “comp poker tournament”, “free ride poker”, “poker for free”, or “free internet poker”, among dozens of others) and you will call up thousands of different possibilities. The only trick is to decide which of these tournaments are for you.

You can base your decision criteria on any number of factors. Remember that while a lot of entrants will mean a bigger pot (yes, even in a free tournament!) it will also mean some heavy competition. You also want to make sure your browser and your PC support the components of the free online poker tournament or you may find yourself out without even losing!