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How to win at poker

By: Frederic Madore

The game of poker has been gaining popularity lately that many people are looking for tips and secrets of the pros that will help them play a better game. There are actually countless books, shows and web pages out there that have been created to help people play better poker. Whether they are playing at the casino or in a regular weekly game, they want to know the techniques that will help them play the game much better. Below are some tips that can help beginner or even pro poker player to have a better game: A good poker player knows how to play tight. This means that he should fold bad hands quickly and aggressively play good hands. If he has a bad hand, he must get out early and not wait it out and hope that the cards will turn his way because they rarely do. On the other hand if he has a good hand then he must stay in and bet high. The high bets will drive out the weaker players and still raise the pot to make up for the small losses that chipped away at your pile of cash through the evening. A poker player usually has four choices to make. He must decide whether to check, bet or call, raise or fold. A poker player needs to establish the approximate expectation of each possible move and choose the one that has the best return, if any, or simply fold. A poker player must calculate the odds against him. If he decides that the return is greater than the odds then he should make the bet. He should bet as heavily as he can if he sees that the odds are in his favor. A poker player must remember hat poker is a very psychological game. Therefore, psychological strategy is very important. A good poker player regularly varies his playing tactics. He knows how to bluff and he knows how to do it tactically. The objective of bluffing is to make it harder for the other players to be able to read your cards or guess your intentions. The most important thing a poker player must do, therefore, is not to form a pattern of play. A poker player must also pay attention to his body language and talk, which can both reveal a lot about how strong or weak his hand is. He must also develop the ability to translate the body language of other players into meaningful insight of what hand they might have. Probably the most valuable asset that a poker player can have is the ability to disguise his play. He must remember that the game is about being able to win big pots, not just getting the highest hand. Next is the ability to memorize played cards and to be constantly aware which cards are ‘Live’ cards. A poker player must be focused and physically and emotionally stable before he plays. He must not play if anything at all is bothering him, whether its anger, toothache, upset stomach, head cold or any other disturbance. It is also advisable for a poker player to find a game with at least two weak players in it. He must not play if the game does not have two poor poker players which is also called live fish. Remember, game selection is critical to winning. Play only games which you are likely to win. It is better of course if you are the big favorite. A poker player must also be very selective of the hands that he will decide to play. He must have premium cards, the right position, and the right opponents ( a poor one, preferably) playing against him. You must be very patient. Patience is golden. Play premium hands against weak players. Then, ram and jam them — hit ’em hard. A poker player must not play strong then back down if someone wants to play stronger. He shouldn’t make a raise unless he thinks he can call a re-raise. Bottom point is a player must be able to handle being re-raised. Most importantly a poker player must be a happy loser and a humble winner. No one likes to give their money away to a show-off.

Frederic Madore is the founder of the Poker Information Center. Get the best information about Poker and Poker rules.

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