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Online Casino Poker

If you’re a fan of poker, the odds are good that you’ve gone to an online casino poker site a time or two. Most people will play at an online poker room, but there are also poker variations available at online casinos.

One of the best things you will find about online casinos is that most of them offer a wide variety of their games as “test drives”; in other words, free. This almost always includes the casino poker the Internet gambling place has as part of their game options. The idea here is to make sure that people check out what the casino has to offer and then not only find it worth coming back, but also make a real money deposit as well. This test drive option is not something you’ll find anywhere but a casino in cyber space.

Of course, online casino poker also has its downside, but in this case it’s not just limited to online casinos. Every gambling hall exists to make money in the long run, thus offering games with a substantial house edge. House edge means that the payouts do not equal the odds, thus in the long term, the casino stands to make more money than it loses. So if you win a few hands, you might be feeling pretty good about yourself, but if you keep playing then eventually you will lose that money and a portion of your bankroll to the casino according to the numbers but let’s face it, some people just seem to be lucky!).

So what does house edge have to do with poker? After all, poker is a strong combination of both luck and skill, right?

In most cases this is true, but it doesn’t hold up when it comes to the types of poker available at a casino. In order to create a version of poker with a good house edge and profit opportunities, casinos change the rules of poker a little bit. Some of the most common games known as “poker” in a casino aren’t actually referred to as poker at all by professional players. The elements of skill are stripped from the games; there is no chance to bluff and you are only playing the dealer, not the rest of the table. The strength of your hand in a match will determine whether you win or lose, and you also get pay outs according to the rarity of your hand (although as mentioned, the payouts are not as high as the odds).

The most common version of poker found in casinos is Caribbean stud. It’s based on the rules of five card stud, but as mentioned the rules have been modified to give the house an edge. Unless the dealer is holding at least ace/king, for example, the result is a push.

If you do like to play casino games in cyber space, you’ll find table games that will match your knowledge of poker. The key is to realize that the casino versions of poker that can be found on the web as well as in a land based gambling place are not the same as the poker you are used to playing!

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