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Online Gambling vs. Casino Gambling


By: Peter Portero

Online gambling is convenient. One can gamble in their homes and can be more relaxed and make better gambling decisions than being in a crowded casino. For sports gamblers, online gambling can be done anywhere. If a person is traveling, they can place bets from wherever they happen to be. This makes keeping track of bets and placing new bets much simpler.

Casinos can be very noisy, especially when a big game is on. Placing bets can take awhile if there are many people interested in making some money on their favorite team. Deciding on the type of bet is another issue. There isn’t time to decide on the spread or which team to place a bet on. With online betting, people can read up on their favorite teams and decide in advance which players and teams to gamble on. Also, many people do not live in states where casinos are legal. People take vacations to Las Vegas and want to do other things beside gamble. The pressure is on to fit all sorts of activities into a few days. This can be very stressful and not good for betting one’s money. Online betting only requires a computer and a membership to a gambling site.

There are many things to spend one’s money on when visiting a casino. Hotel, air travel, food, and entertainment leave less money to gamble with. Online gambling offers nothing except a place for people to place bets. More money can be spent on hearse races or other sports betting. Saving money on travel is worth gambling online. Casinos can also be unsafe. With so many people around, it is easy to have one’s wallet stolen. This can take the fun out of a vacation. Gambling online in the safety of one’s home is a safe alternative.

Peter Portero is an expert baseball betting articles writer at

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