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Online Poker Players Money

By: Nicholas Mitchell

Rake rebates pay online poker players money for every hand they play. These rebates are leading to a huge increase in winning online poker players. Setting the industry standard for rake rebates is (PRWEB) March 27, 2005 — Are you a losing poker player? Well join the club. Fortunately there is now a way to guarantee that you win money playing poker online. Rake rebates are the new way to make money playing poker. A rake rebate is a deal that 3rd party websites make between online poker rooms and individual players to give a percentage of the profit the poker site makes from that player back to him or her. This profit is called the “rake” in poker jargon. Hence the term “rake rebate.” Most rake rebate websites offer about 20% of this rake given back to the player. A very select few give a slightly higher percentage back to the player. The site setting the industry standard in rake rebates is As more and more rake rebate programs pop up on the net, Rake Recycler is still one of the oldest and most trustworthy sites on the internet, offering rake rebate deals at the biggest and most reputable online poker rooms. Why should I care about getting back a measly 20% of my rake back? Online poker rooms usually take about $3 per hand played. Considering about 80 hands are played per hour that means that poker sites make $240 per hour from just one table. Check out this chart at to see a detailed chart of just how much you pay a poker site every month. The numbers are staggering. If you are playing online poker without a rake rebate deal, you are literally giving your money away to poker rooms. The world of online poker is a vast and ever changing environment. Introduced only 7 years ago, poker on the internet has become a huge business, with over $180 million wagered every day at online poker rooms. Don’t play another hand of online poker without joining a rake rebate program such as

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