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Online Poker Table Selection – How to find the most profitable table to play on!


By: Oddvar Pettersen

Knowing where and at what times the loosest poker games are played are the number one secret for those who play online poker successfully.

Online poker professionals win most of their money from the weak players (fishes-suckers), so finding a table with two or three fishes on it, is extremely important if you want to succeed at this game. Tight and conservative poker tables are not profitable to play on, even for the professionals.

Poker players that are successful at the game of poker, mostly makes their profit from the mistakes their opponents make, and not from their own brilliant play. Choosing the correct table to play on is very important if you want to be a winner at this game.

The secret of winning at on line poker is to find these kind of games and to only play solid hands from the right position at the table.

Finding the right table to play on is fairly easy. All you have to do is to download the most popular on-line poker rooms.

Than you have to start looking for a table with decent sized pots for your limits and whit a few weak players on it.

Click on flop percentage button when you think you have found your bread and butter table. This will show you how many players that actually sees the flop in average.

Lets say you are playing on a 2/4 Texas Holdem table and the minimum buy-in is 100 dollar. If a player only has 40 dollars worth of chips, than you know he is losing and that he probably doesn’t know much about poker since you should always have enough chips for atleast 15 big bets.

It can also be that this particular player doesn’t have more money to play with, so he is probably going to be playing a tight game and sit and wait for the good cards to come.

If a player has about 200 dollars in front of him than that should tell you that he is either winning, or that he bought in for that amount, simply because he knows that a big stack gets respect from most players.

There are virtually thousands of on-line games to choose from, so there is no excuse to play on a table that you are not comfortable with.

Good luck, play well and don’t gamble with your poker money!

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