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Tips for Slot Machines Players


By: Juan Figueroa

Make sure that the Slot Machine that you are planning to use is not taken because sometimes slot machine players play in more than one slot machine at a time. While you are playing if you decide to go to the restroom you can ask an attendant and usually they stay until you come back if not they’ll place a Reserved sign on the machine. Have in mind that if the attendant stay while you go to the restroom to tip him/her or say thanks when you come back. If you can’t find anyone to reserve your slot machine while you go to the restroom, is not safe to leave any personal belongs to reserve the machine.

While you are playing try not to drink too much because alcohol can affect your personal judgment. There’s nothing wrong with having some alcoholic beverages while you are playing but its better to wait after playing time to celebrate.

If you are one of those people that don’t believe in slot clubs you will be surprise all the free stuff you can get while you use your slot club card. For you to be able to get any free stuff like; free lunch, free room or free dinner you know that you have to play the machines and why not using the slot club card (its free).

More tips for you:

Don’t play a machine that is not giving you money, if after 8 spins the machine hasn’t paid out then look for another machine.

Don’t leave a machine that is giving you money, don’t leave a machine while is giving you money. Wait until the slot machine is not giving you money after couple tries to find another slot machine.

Don’t forget to use your slot club card, if you don’t use the card while you are playing you wont get the free stuff that they have to offer you.

Don’t forget to get your money, make sure you cash out before you leave the machine and also make sure after you cash out that the machine shows that there is not coins left.

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