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Will Video Games Be The New Poker?


By: Andre Bias


Poker is a card game that has been around for many years but its popularity the last few years has taken the world by storm. Everywhere you look people are playing poker. People play in their homes, on college campuses, on television, and even on the internet. Even though poker is extremely popular, right know its popularity is beginning to decline. Once it declines something will have to take its place.


The best bet for a replacement in popularity may not be another casino game but rather video games. Video games have been popular for years and they never get old because new systems are released every few years. Even though their has been a slight growth in competitive gaming it has not been taken to the level that poker has been taken to.


In the future tournaments will be held in every big city throughout the country. Advertisers will be swarming to get their names out in front of those heavily involved in gaming. Their will be more professional gamers. Online gaming for money will come along allowing someone in California to play someone in Florida for money. So once you see the poker decline coming, go perfect you video game skills because they will come in handy.

Andre Bias is the owner of, and online source for top notch DVD’s for children 10 years old and younger. He is also the owner of the websites and

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