Bermuda Poker: A Variation of the Traditional Poker Game

How To Play Bermuda Poker

As a variation of poker, Bermuda Triangle poker is classified as a dealer’s choice game. Despite not being played as often, Bermuda Triangle poker rules are similar to Omaha and Texas Hold’em. The game is available at numerous casinos, but there is not always a table where Bermuda Poker is being played. Although also available at a wide variety of live events and casinos, the game is generally unavailable online. A lot of individuals remain unaware of the rules of the game. There are also many veterans of the game happy to teach fellow players the rules.

Bermuda Triangle Poker Rules

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The rules of the game are similar to numerous poker variations the majority of players are already familiar with. Any individual wondering how to play Bermuda poker should not experience any difficulty learning the rules of the game. The game begins when four hole cards are dealt to each player by the dealer. A hole card is dealt by the dealer face down for the personal use of the players. The player is not required to reveal the hole cards until the showdown. There are six cards on the board. These cards are arranged by the deal to form the shape of a triangle.

There must be three cards on both sides of the triangle. At this point, the players can officially begin. The players form hands by using two of the four hole cards receive at the beginning of the game. The three cards located on both sides of the triangle must be used by the players for their hands. The dealer then turns over the three cards located in the center of both sides of the triangle. All of these cards must be turned over at the same time. From this point on, only one card is revealed by the dealer at a time.

The dealer chooses the order in which these cards are revealed. Once the initial three cards have been turned over, all of the players make a bet. The betting round begins with one player, moving around the table in a clockwise direction. As each player has a turn, different options are selected including matching the previous player’s bet or opting out of the current hand by folding. The player can also decide to raise by placing a bet larger than the last player as opposed to just calling. Once all of the players have either called or folded, the round officially ends.

All of the player’s bets are gathered to add to the pot. In a lot of the poker variations, the player with the highest hand is the winner. The difference with Bermuda Triangle poker is there is an option for a high-low split. The reason numerous casinos do not offer the game is that it is a dealer’s choice poker variation. A lot of casinos in major gambling regions sill offer the game for both new and veteran players.

Bermuda Triangle Poker Playing Tips

There are only three different combinations the players can make using the common board cards. The majority of Omaha based games offer a much larger range of combinations. In addition, the three different combinations are frequently uncoordinated. The result is generally the elimination of the possibility of a flush. There is only a pair on the board in fewer than 40 percent of all Bermuda Poker games.

When a pair does appear, the chances of a player forming a full house are much lower than with most of the other poker variations. The winning hand is determined by the coordination of the board cards for each game. When a flush or straight is the best hand possible, the coordination of the board is extremely important. The same is true for the low hand when the high-low version is being played.

The Beginning Hand Selection

When playing Bermuda Triangle poker, the goal is to be dealt a hand offering as many possibilities for a win as possible. Since each player is dealt four hole cards, there are two cards and six couples available. The player’s starting hand is much better if the couples are coordinated. The best starting hand offers the player numerous chances for a winning hand including the best low, straight, flush or full house.

The player has the best odds of winning the game by combining the elements for the best high and low starting hands.

The best way to begin the game is with one or two high pairs, as long as the pairs are coordinated with the other cards in the game. A good example is either Ace, Ace, King, King or Ace, Ace, Two, Three. The player can expect to be dealt multiple two pairs in approximately three percent of all games.

A single pair will be dealt in roughly 30 percent of all Bermuda poker games. The starting hand must contain either Aces or coordinated single pairs to be considered a good starting hand. High, suited connected cards are important for both flushes and straights.

The best unsuited connectors are either very low or very high cards. Cards in the middle of the deck are generally mediocre as both lows and straights. The best high suited cards include a small card and an Ace. This offers the player possibilities for a low hand and a nut flush.

Since each player is only able to use two cards, trips in a hand are undesirable. The best start for a low hand is 2A. A much better low option is 32A. Both 32 and 3A provide the player with a one-card draw.

In most cases, the player will require a lot of help from the board with less than three two-card low hands. Without it, the player will most likely be unable to win the game. The more low cards the player has in addition to the other cards, the better the chance of a win.

The Board Cards

The reason Bermuda Triangle is less complicated than the majority of other poker games is that only three different combinations are available for the common board cards. The player still needs to remain aware of every single board card to determine if there is a potential for a winning hand. In order for quads or a full house to be a possibility, there must be a pair present in at least one of the three triangle sides. When the board shows a set of trips, this is a 424:1 long shot.

If this is combined with a full house or quads, the player has a good chance of winning the game. In most games, the complete set of board cards only reveals three suited cards occasionally. This means achieving a flush is not common. When possible, the player will most likely require the second best flush or nut to win the game. If the other players do not have three-suited cards or a pair, the other player will probably win the game.

The Bottom Line

Most players can make more money easier with Bermuda Triangle than either Omaha or Texas Hold’em. Picking up several good hands while playing the game is fairly easy. Patience is extremely important, and players must not begin betting when holding a weak hand.

A weak hand will almost always lose. Since Bermuda Triangle poker is rarely available online, players should participate when there is an opportunity. Bermuda Triangle poker rules are easy to learn, with the game a lot of fun to play.

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