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Casino Poker Rooms

It might come as a bit of a shock, especially considering today’s poker environment, but at the turn of the millennium, casino poker rooms were a rare sight and getting even rarer. Only the incredible boost in the popularity of the past four years or so meant the survival of the few poker rooms that were left in the brick and mortar legends, but that same popularity also accounted for the opening of some brand new poker rooms attached to main casinos both in Las Vegas and in other legal casinos across the world.

The reasons for the closings

Again, it might be hard to believe, but poker was really not that popular less than a decade ago. Casino poker rooms in gambling places across the world were losing money due to the fact that no one was coming through the doors, and they were costing more in terms of staff and support than they were making.

In addition, a casino is a business and like any other business, the main goal of a casino is to make money. A hall that makes its money on gambling games usually does so with the idea of house edge in mind; that is, over time, the house will make more money than it loses. The game of poker therefore offered little in the way of money for casino poker rooms to take to the bank, especially when not many people were playing. In order to make a profit on poker rooms, casinos have to count on claiming a percentage of the pot. You don’t see this on the televised tournaments and it is unlikely that the rake is as high during these tournaments as it is at normal times in the operation of the poker room.

At any rate, the other types of games that casinos offer were much more profitable than operating a poker room, so many casinos chose to expand their regular facilities and fit in more slots, at the expense of their poker facilities.

The tide turns

The recent surge in popularity has meant that more casinos are including poker rooms as a part of the services they provide. More players means bigger pots, and that translates to big money for the casino poker rooms. These facilities are usually very state of the art, and include bar facilities, serving staff, and often lounges and televisions in addition to the comfortable furniture.

It is worth noting that not all casinos include poker rooms, and you should beware of poker offered in the casino itself. This is not poker of the sort that most people are looking to play today, but rather casino poker; poker where the house has the edge. You’re only playing the house and not other players, there is therefore no chance at bluffing.

Most big casinos in operation today include a poker room to accommodate the growing popularity of the game. It’s a fun way to find some action, but always remember not to play beyond your limit!

Aside from things like live entertainment, lavish room reservations, dining, shopping, conference meetings, weddings, of course casinos, some hotels resorts in places such as Las Vegas offer amazing opportunities for not just the gambler but the active adventurer. Some Hotel casinos like the Wynn, even offer golf!


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