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Casino Poker – The Revival

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It’s hard to believe it now, but a few short years ago casino poker was an endangered species, and one that was on the verge of becoming extinct. There are few games as intrinsic to American culture as poker (try finding five western movies where there isn’t at least one poker game!), but the game was being shut down in casinos faster than even the Republicans could have hoped for. The reasons? Pure capitalism.

Poker was losing its status in the casinos due to the fact that a casino couldn’t make as much in the long or short term off of poker than they could off of other gambling favorites such as craps or even bingo. In other types of casino gaming, the house is guaranteed an edge over the long run. In poker the only way the house can get a cut is by taking a percentage of the pot, and in the end this wasn’t favorable to either the gaming houses or to the players. Casino poker rooms were being shut down from Las Vegas to Atlantic City to Los Angeles, and the future wasn’t looking bright.

Then came the unexpected popularity of tournament poker, largely due to televised coverage of the World Series of Poker on ESPN. There was also a similar spike in the popularity of poker on the internet, with online poker rooms suddenly becoming more populated as those watching the events on television tried their hands at the age old game.

The poker explosion came as a shot in the arm to casino poker. Although there were still some casino poker games being played, most casinos wouldn’t offer standard poker variations such as stud or hold ‘em. Because these were the most popular forms on television and on the internet, casinos suddenly found the game back in demand. The answer for many was to re-open their poker rooms, often bigger and more stylish than their predecessors.

Online casino poker also started to become popular as internet developers became savvy to the winds of change. Many online casinos today offer standard variations on the game, and in some cases even offer free casino poker software for those just interested in learning the ropes or playing a friendly game.

Today, poker is back in many cities across the United States. Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and Pechanga casino poker rooms are attractive affairs which cater to participants and players alike. With luxurious casino resorts and hotels like these, you’ll come to play some poker, slots or blackjack, but there is so much to look at you’ll be coming back for more than just the gambling or game play!

The popularity of poker today has brought the game out from the smoke filled shadows and truly into the limelight. Professional poker players are in a league with rock stars and athletes when it comes to recognition, and more and more people on Hollywood’s A list are beginning to show up and play or watch casino poker tournaments. It’s no wonder that major casinos have capitalized on the game’s revamped image!