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Club ESPN Poker

Playing poker online can be a bit of a nerve wracking experience at first, especially if you are doing so in a real money situation (although the subject of this article does not allow real money transactions). Trust and reliability is the main issue when you are searching for an online poker site on which to play or for an association or organization which specializes in poker in which you can get a membership. Name brand is one of the best ways to establish credibility, so it’s a safe bet that the poker ESPN offers at its poker club is a secure place that ensures fair play. The name of the sports giant means that you certainly don’t have to worry about your account being closed down overnight as the site operator heads for the Cayman Islands.

It’s nice to know that you are playing on a site that is secure, but there are quite a few online poker associations out there that ensure a secure experience for their membership. What is it about ESPN that make it a club worth joining? Well, first of al, there is the affiliations ESPN has which means that the prizes up for grabs here are well beyond what the average poker site can offer. There’s chances to win a berth at the World Series of Poker as well as many other major tournaments, and ESPN has its own poker school where you will be instructed by some of the very best in the game.

The ESPN poker club truly takes the game of poker and makes it into a sport. You have the option of joining several different leagues, all of which include players of various skill levels and points backing. These leagues are open to anyone to join, and the top placing players in each league are invited to become a part of the champion’s league.

Because ESPN is based in the United States, under the Safe Port Act 2006 the playing card club is not allowed to offer real money games online. There are still ample prizes to be won, however, even though there are no buy ins required. It seems as though this is one organization that is holding a new promotion every week, so it’s possible for any player to take a prize. Prizes range from entrance into a poker tournament where you do use – and can win – real money right through to non-cash and event prizes.

There is a full range of poker games available through the ESPN poker club, from the ever popular Texas hold ‘em to the granddaddy of them all, five card draw. If you’re looking for a fun poker experience that won’t cost you anything and which gives you a chance at some great prizes in return, you’ll be very happy with a membership in the ESPN poker club.