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Draw Poker Games

Draw poker is a game where all cards are dealt before bets are placed. As the game progresses players have the option of upgrading their cards by trading them for new ones on their turn. This game is played in many variations and some of the most popular include 5 Card Draw and California Lowball.

In the game of draw poker, the basic rules and card rankings or hand values will not change unless it is a specific variation such as some of the ones that Tops covers below. Where these games are played are very important for a couple of reasons! For one, in a home game of draw poker, it’s common practice to have an ante (each player in every round must put in a pre-determined quantity of chips – sometimes the dealer is required to provide for everyone instead), and the game always starts to the dealers left. In a game that is played at a casino, blinds are often used where the player left to the dealer plays a big blind and the player next to that may play a small blind.

5 card draw poker is usually the first piece of the “poker pie” that is consumed by players and is usually played at home. It’s not as common to see these variations in a casino anymore though. It used to be quite popular in tournaments as well but has since migrated to the “guys poker nite,” as two to eight players can play games like Gardena Jackpots or Badugi quite comfortably.

Guys poker nite provides some games that aren’t nearly as advanced as some other poker games and carries with it smaller stakes usually. Don’t be fooled though! These games still require buckets of skill! These games are seen as great versions of poker to play with your friends and enjoy a nice drink or stogie. A game that gives this opportunity out is Shotgun – Roll em Out – Skinny Minnie (all the same variation of draw poker), Spit in the Ocean and Anaconda – Pass the Trash. It’s during these fun home games where a player may add a rule called the “kill” card. This rule is applied best to stud games or community card games as no particular player can determine when the “kill” card is played.

What is Ad Hoc?

Ad Hoc is a way to change a game ,via a player at anytime. Some changes may include additional wild cards, betting rounds, less cards, more cards, changed hand values or another form of game play rules that everyone at the table agrees to playing before the next deal. Rules are usually called by mentioning each game variation before the deal, for example Spit in the Ocean – Deuces Wild. These names get long and sometimes nasty, but can make for an amazing time with lot’s of twists and opportunity for particualar players to win, but can also create for games that don’t really work out but rather create a complicated mess.

Follow These Ad Hoc Rules To Have a Great Game:

  1. 8 or 9 cards to each players doesnt’ make a better game…don’t do it.

  2. Players can look at their cards, discard and then draw a card before the betting starts! Some believe you must bet before the draw – not always the case!

  3. Betting rounds should be 2 – 5 to create a skillful game…the more rounds you have the less skill needed.

  4. Don’t have more than 4 wild cards – it’s way to confusing.

  5. Hi-Lo Split games should have a qualifier round OR a declaration only! Not both.

  6. More than 4? Play a hi-lo split game for the most fun.

  7. If you want to choose a wild card other than a joker, choose a low card or bad card depending on if you’re playing hi or lo version of say lowball.

What the heck is Whiskey (Whisky) Poker?

This game originated in the mining-camps, no money or chips being used, but the lowest hand being obligated to pay for drinks…SOME things I guess don’t change much! In Whiskey (Whisky) Poker, each player will put up a pre determined amount; this forms a pot, which is not increased, which results in no betting. Five cards are dealt, with an extra hand in the middle of the table and is commonly referred to as “the widow.” The player next to the dealer has the choice of retaining his hand or taking “the widow.” If the player retains his hand he passes and the player to the left has the privilege, and so on all around the table. If the widow is taken, the player that does so places his original hand in the middle of the table, face up, and the other players in turn take one or more cards from the exposed hand, replacing them with cards from their own. This goes on until one player declares himself satisfied; those after him may continue to exchange cards until it comes around to him again, when the hands are considered called and the highest wins. Any player may consider himself satisfied at any time, and can do so by simply knocking on the table with his knuckle loud enough for everyone to hear.

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