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Jacks Or Better Draw Poker:

Jacks or Better Draw Poker is a 5 card draw game, where 5 cards are dealt by the dealer at the beginning of the game. The name symbolizes exactly what players need in their hand to open betting and must have at least two of them, cards of higher value, 3 of a kind or higher. With rules like these luck isn’t always on your side or anyones for that matter! If that happens and nobody can open the betting, then the pot stays in the middle, another ante is thrown into the existing pot from last round and another round begins with the same dealer starting to his left again.

Just like any poker game Jacks Or Better Draw Poker has many faces and can be altered to suit the players and have more or less strict rules to make game play more fun or easy. Try this! It’s called Jacks and Back and is a spin off of Jacks Or Better:

  • On the first hand if no player is able to open with a pair of jacks or better, re-deal as queens or better with triple’s to win! If that is not possible, repeat with Kings and then Aces! If still no winner back to Jacks to start over again!


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