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Wild Widow Draw Poker:

Wild Widow Draw Poker is a variation of “Spit In The Ocean” draw poker. In this game of draw poker, the card is wild for everyone at the table and any card matching in another player’s hand is wild as well. The rules to this game are as follows:

Community card play – a card is flipped over from the deck after everyone has been dealt their four cards. The card that has been flipped over from the TOP of the deck is the “community card,” that everyone will use in their hand. This card is often refferred to as the “spit” card. This card is the last card dealt.

Spit Cards – these cards in Wild Widow are wild cards and the dealer has the option to make all of it’s matching cards wild (ex. spit card is Ace of hearts, so Ace of Clubs, Diamonds and Hearts would be matching, making them wild). This style of Wild Widow will make it harder for players to automatically get a wild card off of the “spit” card on the table and allows for more fair play.

Games are often given names for fun and really have no meaning other than the fact that the wild cards or numbers on the cards resemble the title in some way. It’s common to see games like these when you have friends over and the night is going to consist of “dealer’s choice.”

If you like the sound of Wild Widow Draw Poker and want to find more games like it, look for games like Stormy Weather, Spit in the Ocean, Pig in a Poke or Toad In a Hole which are all similar games.