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Spit In The Ocean Draw Poker:

Many spin-offs of Spit In The Ocean Draw Poker are a testament to it’s popularity in home poker game tournaments! Games such as Wild Widow, Toad in the Hole and Pig in a Poker are just a few that were derived from this variation of 5 card draw poker. The dealer will deal each player 4 cards with the last card being dealt face up in the middle of the table.

The name “spit” has a couple of meanings, but the most fun meaning has to do with the dealer handing out cards and having someone yell out “SPIT!” which determines which card during the deal will be face up in the middle of the table, rather than your standard last card spit. The other meaning of the spit card is the fact that it’s the wild card, so when it gets turned up in the middle of the table it and all other cards like it (ex. 3 of hearts comes up so 3 of diamonds, clubs and spades are also wild now.) become wild.

Often the dealer has the choice of how the 5th card or “spit” card will be played AFTER everyone receives their cards and has looked at them. In other words the dealer can make that 3 of hearts a four of clubs if he already has the other three 4’s. You might be thinking right now “what the heck? the dealer gets to see his card and THEN make a choice? Yup! But it’s not always easy to get four of a kind so you may very well be changing the card right into your opponents hand! Literally!