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Free Online Video Poker

Everyone likes getting something for nothing, and when it comes to cyber space you can certainly count on being able to find free versions of just about anything, and that includes free online video poker. It’s one way to find out how these computerized version of poker to work and to pass some time in cyber space without having to worry about losing your hard earned money on the way. So where can you find complimentary video poker on the web? Here are a couple of ideas.

  • Online bingo halls. That’s right, most online bingo halls don’t just have bingo. In this regard they have taken a page out of the book written by their land based counterparts. It often takes a few minutes at the least for an online bingo hall to set up a new game for their players and they don’t want people to be bored in the meantime. Therefore most of them offer computerized versions of poker, also known as video poker, which can be played for free by their members.

  • Online casinos. Providing a lot of games for free is not something that online casinos make a habit off, and for good reason, but most of them will offer a few of the games in their arsenals as a complimentary way to get people to test out their services. Video poker is usually first among these options, and the intentional of providing a freebie version of the game is to show people what fun they can have on the site.

It’s also possible to find computerized poker on online poker rooms, but for the most part these sites are dedicated to providing poker matches between individuals, so it’s kind of rare.

One thing to keep in mind when you are playing free video poker online is that usually these freebies are meant to lead you into playing with real money. Pay close attention in particular to the quality of the graphics; no one is going to let you play on a state of the art machine if the intention is just to let you play there indefinitely. Sooner or later you will have to put some real money on the game.

Aside from providing a nice distraction on a bingo site or a complimentary preview at an online casino, video poker that costs you nothing to play can also help get you used to the game. After a couple of trial runs you will be used to the graphics interface and other aspects of the computerized game that will let you know how you are doing and what you need in order to win. It might seem a bit trivial, but you will find that the better acquainted you are with the game, the better your playing experience will be in the future, whether you are still using a freebie or if you have decided to make a deposit.


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