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Free Poker

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Learn the Ropes by Playing For Free

Free poker is one of the very best ways to learn how to play the world’s most popular card game in a skilful way, and always tries it’s hardest to expose it’s secrets. Despite the huge surge in popularity that poker has enjoyed over the last half decade, especially free holdem online poker, there are still millions of people who don’t know how hands are ranked or what the blind means. For these people, finding free versions of the game are an ideal way to learn the ropes in no time.

There are quite a few different ways that you can go about finding where to play poker free online, that don’t cost you a penny in terms of ante or bet. My first recommendation to anyone new to the game is to find a good internet site to learn on and there are lots of what are know as “poker free sites,” that have both real and play money. Many poker sites that hold tournaments and paying games also offer complimentary chips that represent cash to players who don’t want to put their own money into the game. There are even some sites that have complimentary tournaments with actual cash pots offered, but these are few and far between and you really have to know where and when to look in order to find them. If you think you might be interested in participating in one of these tournaments, make sure to sign up on the email list at the site where you are playing; they’ll send you an update when tourney has been scheduled.

The best thing about playing free poker is that you have the chance to learn the game without putting real money of your own on the line. How many of us would have lost a fortune just trying to figure out which hands are better than others, or how to read other players at a table? At a poker room where you play with freebie chips, you don’t have to worry about your own money being flushed down the drain. Another way to get the hang of poker is to play free video poker where you can concentrate on the cards rather than who’s staring at the table across from you. Video poker gives you a sense of the value of each hand.

In addition, you also have some breathing room if you make mistakes. An especially tricky situation for beginners is when another player goes all in but the pot continues to raise; in this case, you might have a poorer hand than the player about to go bust, but the fact that you have more money works to your advantage. Since you’re playing for nothing, you can take the risk that your hand will beat the other players who are still raising and calling, taking the side pot at the very least.

Playing the game will also give you an idea of what cards you can play and which ones you need to fold on far better than other resources about the game ever could. Until you actually see a few hands unfold, you’ll never be able to remember all of that information you read in the latest poker book. Simply put, there’s nothing like a visual lesson to help make the information stick.

You’ll never get a handout from other players even in a freebie poker game, so approach your bankroll and your cards just as you would if you were playing with your own money. There are always players who abuse the chance in free poker, and they won’t help you learn anything about the game. Stick to tables where the other players are being serious, and you’ll find that the holdem free poker world is a great way to enhance your game without risk after all, free poker is what it is.