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Where To Join An Online Poker Tournament

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Where To Join An Online Poker Tournament

If you’re one of the millions of people who enjoys playing poker online, the odds are that you have considered joining an online poker tournament. These tournaments are offered by all the major online poker rooms, and they all range in terms of size, buy-ins, and the prizes awarded.

Some site hold tournaments more frequently than others, using them as a monthly promotional event or even more frequently. Players eager to test their level of play can engage other poker players with the same mindset in these tournaments. They are usually fairly large affairs, as more and more people are learning to play poker every day and are eager to see how their skills match up against others. And where better to test your skills than against the thousands of competitors you can find on cyber space?

If you don’t think that joining this type of online poker competition will get you very far, it might interest you to know a little bit of history. First of all, you are probably aware that the growth of poker worldwide has meant that professional players have taken on a celebrity status that approaches the level enjoyed by rock start and pro athletes; tournaments draw huge, autograph seeking crowds, and are heavily covered by the media. What you may not realize is that many of the land based poker tournaments you hear about include players who won a seat in an online poker tournament; in fact, in the past five years there have been to winners of the World Series of Poker’s Main Event (Joe Hachem and Chris Moneymaker) who won their seats in the match in a poker tournament online!

Now, given the number of players you will find yourself up against in almost any online poker competition, you have to keep in mind that your odds of taking the big prize are very long indeed. Still, there are a couple of reasons why you should still consider joining an online poker tournament.

First of all, winning isn’t everything, and that isn’t just some loser cop out. In most online tournaments, and land based ones as well for that matter, winning really isn’t everything, The winner will walk away with the biggest prize, but almost all poker tournaments will offer hundreds of prizes beyond the Big One. Most of the time these prizes are nothing to sneeze at either; dollar amounts in the thousands as well as a lot of great non cash prizes.

There’s also the chance to meet other players who will really help you hone your poker skills. If you’ve played online at all, you know that there are always some jackasses in the free poker rooms who are wagering like idiots. You won’t find this kind of unrealistic play in a tournament; everyone has ponied up to win and they aren’t about to mess around.

If you want a shot at some great prizes and a chance to meet other poker players in a great competition along the way, you might want to join an online poker tournament. Prizes at all levels, a great range of skill amongst the players, and a chance to engage some of the biggest poker names in a match are all great reasons for doing so.

If you would like Tops to set up an online poker tournament for you, please go to our contact page, give us some details on when and where you would like to play and we’ll do our best to set it up for you!