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If you’ve ever followed poker on television, you know that it can be difficult to find live poker tournaments. In this regard, poker is no different than many other sports; television stations are going for ratings, so they will broadcast events at the time they deem most people will watch, whether this means a taped broadcast to their audience or not. It is hard to find live poker tournaments broadcast in their entirety anywhere on the tube, but fortunately for today’s fan, coverage of live action tournaments is not limited to television alone.

The Internet has opened up a vast arena of possibilities for the poker player and fan, not the least of which is the opportunity to find live action on virtually any major poker tournament. You will not be limited by the tourney’s location or the tourney’s appeal to the American Standards council; all you need is your own judgment and access to a good broadcasting web site. There are a dozen high quality sites that provide coverage of action in today’s favorite gambling game. Because these sites are committed solely to the broadcast of live poker tournaments, you’ll never be without something to see or do, and you won’t miss watching your favorite pros play even if they don’t advance very far.

With that said, there are portions of poker tourneys that are broadcast live over the television. For example, some parts of the World Series of Poker often includes live action coverage on stations such as ESPN. The coverage will usually include the opening day festivities and live shots of play at a few of the tables as well as a broadcast of the entire day of play at the final table in the main event. This is good for anyone who is committed to the high intensity that the final rounds bring in any tournament, but as mentioned earlier it can mean that live coverage of some of your favorite players is impossible to find.

Of course more often than not the broadcasters are able to fill you in on events that weren’t covered live fairly adequately; it’s not as though the entire event isn’t being taped, it just can’t all be shown live. Broadcasting live poker tournaments, and any sport event, will always include at least a little bit of taped background, and often that is enough to get a viewer back up to speed.