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Legal U.S. Online Poker Rooms

Poker for US players

Legal U.S. Online Poker Rooms

With the U.S. announcing the enactment of U.G.A (Unlawful Gambling Act) which prohibited the participation of online U.S. poker rooms that offered real money play, lots of sites no longer allowed US players on thier sites.

Tops has done it’s duty in trying to help players out there that would still like to enjoy the freedom of being able to play whenver and wherever they want. After all isn’t that how it should be in the United States? So Tops has listed the online US poker rooms that continue to support US players. It’s also because of this stoppage of US gaming rooms that many US players are now looking for alternative rooms to play. If you find yourself struggling to play US money, there are tons of other sites out there that offer Canadian, British, European and other currency to keep your skills up to snuff.

Have fun playing at our online US poker rooms on the top right menu and come see us again when you have a question about poker…cuz chances are we’ll know the answer!

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