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My Take on Online Casino Poker

Poker’s one of the most popular card games out there, but you might be surprised to find that the gambling place or online casino poker host you are looking at does not include the option of playing poker, or at least not the kind of poker you are looking to play in cyber space. I remember after I learned how to play Texas hold ‘em, and was enjoying a little bit of success from time to time, and I decided to go try my luck at some poker in the local casino. When I got there I had a look around and realized that there was only one version of poker available, Caribbean Stud. I didn’t know how to play so it was back home to the computer I went. Probably worked out for the best in retrospect.

Now, it’s true that I live in a fairly small city and the local casino isn’t exactly Vegas material. Still, I’ve found that most of the online casinos I come across in cyber space don’t have a lot of options available when it comes to poker. This is due to real world casino principles that are the same kind of rules that online casinos operate under, and the big rule as far as casino poker games is house edge and house rake.

It’s important to understand the idea of house edge when you are thinking about playing online casino poker. All casinos, online or off, are interested in long term profit. They are willing to concede a game or two to a player, but in the long run, it’s the house that will take the majority of the cash. It’s a principle that’s easy to understand; without house edge casinos online and off would be out of business.

My Take on On-line Casino Poker ….Continued….

Given this important principle, it’s easy to see why poker is not popular among both online casinos and offline casinos. What major casinos and halls both on the web and off usually offer is a poker room that is separate from their actual playing hall. They make a profit from these rooms by taking their rake as a percentage of the pot. There is no actually involvement of the casino when it comes to poker play.

With actual casino poker, though, house edge is a factor, and it doesn’t matter whether you are playing Crazy pineapple, Casino hold ‘em, or Caribbean stud; the house will have the edge. In fact you will probably find that many of the things that drew you to poker in the first place are missing from casino versions; there is no opportunity to bluff or otherwise deceive the competition, as you are only playing against the house.

Don’t get me wrong, online casino poker is popular on the internet, or else people just wouldn’t play it. It is important before going in though that you realize the rules of casino poker, in cyber space and out, are modified by the hall you are playing at so that you are playing the house, and many of the rules of poker that make it any person’s game will not apply.

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