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Party Poker:

Party Poker:

Popular, and not just with the popular!

There really is no poker quite like party poker. It’s great to see the rise in popularity of the game as amateurs continue to win big pots from the pros at events like the World Series of Poker, but really poker is all about getting together with a bunch of friends and enjoying an evening of carousing and entertainment. Not to mention the chance to make a few bucks and have some bragging rights over them!

It used to be that poker parties had to be planned well in advance in order to be successful. You had to have the right number of players, which meant that you had to work around schedules, families, and wives in order to get a really good game under way. In the age of the internet, though, you can enjoy the action and the challenge of a poker party any time you want to. It doesn’t even matter how long you have; you can play for hours or just take a few minutes during lunch to get in a few hands.

Online poker rooms have sprung up all over the internet, and many players have joined them in order to kill time and to hone their skills at the game. Many people join sites specializing in party poker for free, and play the game just to have a good time. For those who play both with site chips and with real money, Texas holdem online is usually the game of choice, although most sites have at least three different versions of poker to choose from.

Once you feel as though you’ve really got the hang of the game, you might want to join an online poker tournament. These tournaments truly encapsulate the spirit of poker parties, as you have to commit to seeing games through at each table in order to move closer to the big pot. Again, some of these tournaments are free to join, while others require a buy-in. Generally, the higher the price, the bigger the prizes.

Some people might already have membership to an online casino site, in which case they may choose to play online casino poker. Until recently, there were very few casinos anywhere that offered games of poker to their members, but the spike in the popularity of the game has been reflected in the commercial interests. Today most online casinos like the Party Poker Website, offer online poker bonuses in order to encourage players to join their games and we have a special page designed to give you the best party poker experience with an exclusive party poker bonus as well as other party poker bonus codes.

If you’re a player who is intimidated by the thought of playing poker against other players, you can always try playing online video poker. The odds are the same from hand to hand as they would be if you were playing human opponents, but for some people beating a computer is less of a challenge than beating an opponent with the skills to read you.

The internet can also prove to be a valuable resource for anyone interested in planning poker parties, as many sites offer tips on etiquette, planning parties, and have online poker reviews that can be beneficial when deciding on which sites to try out. If you want to have a themed party that’s idea is going to be a texas holdem type party or just a card party, find the best ways to have a poker party here!

The popularity of online poker means that anyone can enjoy party poker at any time of day. Playing online offers all of the benefits of a get together, plus you’ll find that you play all sorts of different players which can give you an edge the next time you have your friends over for a poker party of your own.