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Poker Bonus Codes

Poker Bonus Codes

The number of people playing poker is growing both online and off, and if you are one of the thousands of people who play poker on a gaming site then you will probably already know about poker bonus codes. If you haven’t played on an online poker room, then this is one thing that you have to understand before you sign up; it’s a perk that many online poker rooms offer to new players as well as to those who use the site on a continual basis.

A word on security

Before we get into what a bonus code is and what it means for you, it’s important to discuss one of the most pressing concerns for most people when it comes to online poker playing, and that is the matter of security. For good reason people were very leery of the Internet and depositing money for a long time; it’s hard to think outside the box, especially when it seems like there are stories every day about Internet fraud.

If you are a person who is having doubts about the security of a poker site online, you really need to look into the matter a bit more carefully. The media tends to blow up one incident into a huge deal. Let’s say you read a story that involved 1,000 people who feel ripped off because someone hacked their password on a casino site. I’ve never actually heard of this happening on any gambling site because they know full well that security is their bread and butter, but just for argument’s sake. 1,000 people seems like a lot, but it’s probably less than .1% of the people who are placing real money bets on the Internet today. That’s right, the media is playing a false mind game with numbers that don’t add up. Through passwords and other protective measures, it is very unlikely that you will come across fraud on an established poker site.

On to the poker bonus codes….

Moving on to the meat of our article, let’s discuss what a bonus code is at a poker room. Simply put, it’s a series of numbers or letters which you enter in order to have funds credited for free to your account after signing up or after putting a certain amount of money on deposit. It’s a reward for playing on the site, and it can make a nice gift if you use it wisely.

Of course online poker rooms are businesses, so this gift isn’t really a gift in the true sense of the word. Almost all bonus codes come with some strings attached; most give the reward out over a period of time rather than all at once. Most are also along the lines of deposit matches and so on. They’re a great little benefit of playing on a site, but it’s important to understand that they do come with some conditions attached.

Finally, it’s important to keep the benefit of this extra gaming money to yourself; don’t let anyone else know your password or the sequence on your poker bonus code. You want to receive the full benefit of the program, not have someone else take away your perk.


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