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Poker Club Advantages

join poker club

Joining a poker club is a great way to learn the game of poker and to improve your chances of winning against other players by honing your skills. Thanks to the meteoric rise in the popularity of the game of poker – and especially the Texas Hold ‘em variation – there are many opportunities to join poker clubs and associations today.

Where to look for clubs

There’s never quite been as much opportunity to be in association with poker players as there is today. If you’re interested in playing local sharps or stepping into the poker ring with some of the world’s greatest players, there are abundant opportunities like the London poker club, Players Poker Club and Club ESPN poker.

For local clubs, the best places to start looking are casinos in your area. Poker players are naturally drawn to games of chance, so it should come as no surprise that you will find several people interested in forming a poker club at your local casino, or finding a casino club that has already been formed. The first place to make some polite enquiries is within the poker room. If your local casino is quite behind the times and doesn’t have a poker room of their own, you might want to check out the action at the casino poker table (although this usually won’t be a game of seven card stud, hold ‘em, or the other popular versions. Still, you might find some players interested in broadening the local horizons!).

If you don’t have any luck finding a poker club at your local casino, rest assured that you still have a lot of opportunities. The internet is literally crawling with sites devoted to the game, and these sites are often the hangout of players interested in forming clubs or who already are members of some kind of playing card club. If you join an independent club, make sure that the funds and the organization are secure before you start engaging in games with your money.

A brief note on the legality of poker clubs

Poker is in a shady grey area as far as its legality. As with other forms of money making where governments aren’t guaranteed a cut, the fate of poker is largely determined by the attitude of law enforcement. Poker clubs all over the continent have felt some heat from legislative sources as the status of the game remains in legal limbo. It is fairly stupid, but still a fact, that an association based around a game of chance must be regulated by local government rules. Be aware that no one (and that includes law enforcement) is really quite sure of the legal standing of these clubs and so consequences are largely determined by the matters of the moment.

The biggest benefit of joining a poker club is that you have the chance to play with people who are really interested in the game, and who have the skills necessary to help improve your own game. The best clubs have a variety of skill levels among their players, and these are the kinds which can benefit you the most in the long run.