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It might be that you have only a passing familiarity with the phenomenon that is Internet poker. If so, you might think that the majority of Internet sites that cater to poker players cost money to join, with the further possibility of losing money while you play – I mean the words; poker free sites don’t exactly sound right do they?! However, this is certainly not the case. While there are many poker sites which require you to make a deposit in order to play, there are many more that offer free poker to people who sign up to play.

Skeptics will look at an offer of complimentary poker and wonder what the catch is. After all, no one just goes around handing out freebies, right? This is true, but the catch when it comes to most internet sites that offer handout games of poker is often totally painless.

There are a couple of different ways offering poker games for free works to the advantage of the site offering the handout. First of all, deposits through customers are not the only way that internet sites make their money. There is a ton of money to be made out there through advertising and affiliate marketing, and many poker sites that offer free games rely on the influx of visitors to boost their bottom line in these areas.

The second way that a lot of free sites make money even though they offer complimentary poker is by relying on the pay side of their web page to make the money for them. Most poker sites have both free play and real money areas, and often people who play for free will eventually make their way over to a real money table, just to see what their acquired skills can really net them. Another way in which these sites can make money is through the poker tournaments they offer; almost everyone who plays poker will join a tournament sooner or later!

So that’s what the internet sites that offer free poker can get out of the bargain. But what about you? Well, to start with, you’ll get the opportunity to gain some poker experience and it will cost you nothing. There aren’t that many chances for something like that; even if you learn from your friends, odds are pretty good that you will lose something as you take on more experienced players. In addition, you never have to worry about there not being enough people to get a good game going; the big internet sites have poker games going at all hours of the day no matter what time zone you are in.

So if you are interested in playing poker, you really can’t lose by taking advantage of a free online poker site. It will give you the opportunity to play poker without losing anything, and you can hone your skills for the times when you are interested in going to the next level. If you decide never to go to the real money games, you can still play as often as you like and there are handfuls of sites where you can play free video poker games.

Play Online Poker Here!