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Poker Party Attire

Poker Party Attire

A poker party makes for a great get-together for any occasion, but are there rules when it comes to poker party attire? Should you adhere to a certain dress code when you are going out to play a few rounds or will a white T and some jeans do?

The answer is, it depends on the party! Because poker has become so popular, people are including it in all sorts of different celebrations, so you should ask the host or hostess what the plan is; is it a keg party where anything goes? A them party where some kind of uniform or costume would be more appropriate? Most importantly, can you get a prize in the form of some extra chips if you dress up in the best costume at the party? Here are some general poker party themes and what you will want to wear if you get invited to one.

  • James Bond Night. Spawned by the Casino Royale movie that rejuvenated the Bond character, James Bond poker nights are well beyond the average poker get together, which can have some of the aspects of a keg party. If you get invited to one of these, keep in mind that they are intended to be classy affairs; you should dress up formally, and expect some of the best accoutrements you’ve seen at a party in a long time!
  • Television or movie theme night. It might be that your host or hostess is basing their party on one of the many shows or movies that have featured poker matches over the years, and seeing what people come up with as far as party poker attire for these affairs can be a real riot. Some people really splurge on their costume once they get an idea, so don’t be afraid to go all out.
  • Casual affair with friends. The most popular form of poker party remains the informal get together between you and your buddies. For these nights, there is no need to dress up in some fancy garb or an outrageous costume. All you have to do is come as you are and have a good time.


Of course, some people will dress up no matter what kind of party it is. You may have a luck hat that you prefer to incorporate into your garb, or you may be one of those people who insists on wearing a dealer’s visor whenever it’s your time to deal. You might even be the dealer, in which case you will definitely want to dress appropriately! All of these things can add a bit of spice and originality to the overall poker party atmosphere.

There are some really unique ideas for poker parties out there, so it’s important that you understand the appropriate party poker attire for the event that you are attending. Most of the time it will probably be casual, but if everyone else is dressing up you will look like a goat or a snob if you aren’t too!