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Poker Party Food Ideas

Poker Party Food Ideas

Poker parties are all the rage today, and it’s important that you have some good poker party food ideas so that your shin dig is as successful as possible. Any party requires a lot of food to make it successful, but party food can be even more important at a poker event, as the games can take a very long time and you’ll need to keep everyone fed. Here are some ideas that you can try out when it comes to your own poker party munchies.

The standards

Poker is every person’s game, and that means that a poker party can be held without a lot of fancy food. Chips and dip, pretzels, and cheezies (served with beer of course) all make for great standard snacks at a poker shin dig.

However, it might be that you are trying to do a little something extra to make your party memorable. After all, anyone can hold a poker party, it’s going to be the details that set yours apart from the rest. Here’s a couple of ideas for some standard appetizers that are a cut above the ones you can easily buy from the store.

  1. Wings. You can buy wings pre-cooked and everything, and all you have to do is heat them up and provide the flavors. BBQ, hot, and teriyaki sauces are all traditional favorites of party goers everywhere when it comes to wings. If you want to try something that really adds some zing, set out a couple of plates of lemon pepper wings; you’ll be remembered for it! You can be creative with your appetizer choices but remember that wings of any flavor are messy, and you don’t want greasy fingerprints all over your cards and the table!
  2. Spinach dip. Spinach dip is another standard appetizer that goes over very well at any party as an appy. Served hot with chips or in a sourdough loaf cold, it’ll go quickly. Best of all, spinach dip isn’t greasy so you don’t have to worry about a mess!


Don’t be afraid to put some creative thought into the food

More and more people are having theme poker parties these days, and that’s a good way to come up with some ideas for munchies. Texas hold ‘em poker parties will naturally have a southwestern flavor about them, so why not go with that theme and put some creative appetizers on the tables for your guests? Homemade salsa and guacamole, seven layer dip, spicy rolls, taquitos, and other such snacks are a great way to stick with this theme.

Remember that for a lot of people, the food is a very important part of any party. Using some of these poker party food ideas will ensure that your party is one that everybody remembers; if you supply them with good food, they will want to do it again whether they win or lose.