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Video poker can really be considered one of the first “video games” ever to be invented. At its conception it was certainly an innovative step in the computer industry, as it took a popular game familiar to many people and translated it to a computerized format, complete with simple graphics.

It’s possible that there was a lot of doubt about the success that the game would enjoy, since many people participated in poker as much for the social aspects of the game as for the game itself.

Nevertheless, the first computerized poker terminals made their appearance alongside the first personal computers in the mid-1970s. Looking at one of these relics today is like putting the famous game Pong alongside Nintendo’s Mario Tennis, but without the appeal Pong holds for retro fans.

The weakness of the graphics and other components of the game meant it didn’t really start to enjoy success until the turn of the decade, as in 1979 a version of Draw Poker was created that gave the game a bit more interactive capabilities and drew in more players.

In the ‘80s, poker became a hit in casinos all over the continent. The reason for this was that people actually began to prefer the unintimidating face of the machine to playing with real people; people who might have the skill to read and exploit any number of weaknesses.

Video poker can now be found in most casinos in the United States and in Canada, with most machines charging 25 cents or higher to play a hand.

Video poker has also established a presence on the internet. Many sties which offer free holdem online poker also offer users a chance to play free video poker as they wait for a table to be set up or just to kill the time. The graphics on these terminals are much better than they were even in the 1990s, and of course the graphics will change depending on the version of poker that you want to play.

If you are new to the game of poker free sites are just what you need to help you learn the ropes. Many different sites offer players the chance to play computerized poker such as those found on the video machines at casinos as well as standard variations of poker against real opponents.

When it comes to holdem free poker sites are abundant all over the internet, so any learner has multiple chance to acquire skill at the game.

It’s really not too big of a leap of logic to suggest that any version of poker that is played online is in fact a form of computerized poker, but the big difference is your opponents. On most of the free poker sites on the internet the decks and the deal are indeed determined by programming, but your opponents are real people who you can chat with and learn to read.

For those who just want to play odds and not skill, video poker has a presence on many of these sites.


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