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World Poker Championships

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If you do a quick Google search on the term World Poker Championships, you are going to come up with a lot of different results in a wide range of categories. The term can apply to video games, any number of tournaments held by online sites, and of course the term in the big sense refers to tournaments where the biggest names in the poker world, along with more than a few amateurs, gather to match skills in a world class poker event.

Because we dont know a lot about the video game, were going to take a look at a few of the tournaments that bill themselves as World Poker Championships. We can see what it takes to make a champion at these world class events and how you can tune in to watch the big championship game.

First of all, lets take a look at the online sites that hold what they bill as World Poker Championships. These are often big events, to be sure, often numbering players in the thousands. They usually take on a playoff like format, with right players at a specific number of tables, with the winning player advancing to the next round all the way up to the championships. The key to discerning whether of not these are truly world class events is in the star billing that they receive. Professional poker players attend a lot of tournaments every year in order to keep their bankrolls padded, and a few are likely to turn up at any event that truly offers some good competitions and prizes. Keep in mind, though, that a true world championship should field most of the professional poker players making a living at the game today, and the money involved should have a direct impact on the rankings.

Televised world poker championships are another area where the term is often applied. The key here is to see if these are invitation only or if players can play simply with a buy in. Obviously youll see a lot of the pros at an invitational, but if amateurs arent given a shot at playing, it is not exactly a world event.

And that brings us to what many people in the poker world would view as the true world poker championships, and thats the World Series of Poker. More specifically, its the World Series of Poker Main Event, which has been no limit Texas hold em for several years now.

At the WSOP, youll truly see a world class poker event. All of the professionals are there, and Harrods in Las Vegas includes all the bells and whistles, from red carpet arrival until after event parties, mking it a fantastic host to a world poker championship. Its also an open event, so anyone who feels they have the skill can play in the event, making it truly open to the world.

Another great way to experience the excitement of televised poker is to catch the WPT or World Poker Tour.

View this amazing poker championship footage below! Tony G goes absolutely ballistic and almost starts the second cold war!