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World Series of Poker for Your PC –

Or Game Console

The World Series of Poker for your PC is the perfect way to realize the poker dream of many player’s of the games different versions. Most of us who play poker, even for fun, at one point or another have had at the very least a fleeting thought of making it to poker’s Big Time and playing against the real pros at the World Series of Poker. Well, you can make this dream a reality, at least in your own house, with a video game that takes all the fun of the WSOP and puts it on a disc.

The WSOP video game was developed for play on a wide variety of gaming platforms including Sony Playstation, PS2, Nintendo Game Cube, Xbox, and of course personal computers. The only problem for some is that this version of the world’s greatest poker tournament is not available on Mac, but this is something the creators have sought to remedy with the sequel.

Because the World Series of Poker for your PC has been available for a while, it is now possible to find free trial versions of the game which you can download. In fact finding this game for a free trial is downright easy, with most game retailers and the developing company offering trials on their web sites. The theory behind this, of course, is that the game is so fun to play that anyone with any exposure, no matter that it is only for a couple of hands or for one table, will want to keep playing.

If you’ve never played one of these reality based sports games on one of today’s gaming consoles, you are in for a real treat. It doesn’t get closer to reality than what today’s game designers can put into one of these packages; the sights, the sounds, and the play of the virtual characters and tournament is bang on when it comes to the reality of the World Series Of Poker Champions. The virtual players are great too, with representations of some of the best players in the game sitting at table with you. No easy outs here, either, for those of you wishing for the total WSOP experience; on the hard setting, one could argue that the abilities of these players are actually enhanced far beyond what they would be in real life.

The sequel to the WSOP video game is not just available on Mac but for PS3 as well, and that means that you can count on an even more enhanced gaming experience.

Of course, the potential to use this game to its full range of possibilities will depend on the capabilities of your personal computer. Not all computers will be able to run every component of the game, so if you really want to play, you might have to upgrade.

If you want to bring the entertainment of the World Series of Poker into your home, there’s no better way to do it than by playing the World Series of Poker on your PC. The World Series of Poker game is probably one of the best things to happen to the poker player since the invention of the Internet!

Here are the fantastic features offered in the game:

Online Play! LIVE!™

enabled on Xbox®; PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system with online capabilities and the PSP™ (PlayStation®Portable) system with wireless technology

  • PlayStation®2: EyeToy™ USB Camera (for PlayStation®2) enabled to read your opponents while playing online
  • PSP™ system: Wireless capability to play against another PSP™ system


Four modes of play:

  • Quick Play: for instant poker action
  • Main Event: see if your $10K buy-in is dead money
  • Career: journey from the back room to the Main Event
  • Multi-player: test your skills against other card sharks

Authentic feel of the one and only WSOP live tournament:

  • Tells: pay attention and be able to read your opponents’ moves
  • Bluffs: take down a pot with just rags
  • Table Talk: opponents will try to tilt you to throw your game
  • Enthusiastic audience reacting to the excitement of the game
  • Featuring the voice of Lon McEachem, TV commentator of the WSOP, for real drama and suspense

Every sanctioned poker variation of the WSOP:

  • Texas Hold ‘Em, 7 Card Stud, Omaha, & Razz
  • Buy-ins
  • High/Lows
  • Table Mins/Antes

Custom character creator:

  • Based on THUG character creator
  • Create your own poker face
  • Looks & clothing upgrades throughout the game

Collector chips:

  • Primary reward mechanism awarded for noteworthy gameplay milestones
  • Qualifies you for different On-line tournaments
  • Leading poker pros; Chris “Jesus” Ferguson & 11 others

  • Leader boards track your progression and stats

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