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World Series Of Poker Video

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In any major sport, watching video replays of major games will help players to enhance their own skill level, and poker is no different. By watching World Series of Poker video, many players have found that they are able to greatly increase the level of their game. It’s no different than watching the World Series of baseball on television or any other sport; when you watch the pros play, you always pick up a little on how they are playing the game. Adapting their strategies and methods to your own game will help you to be a better poker player.

There are all types of videos out there that cover the happenings in the World Series of Poker. From taped versions following one player through different games throughout the tournament to short clips of a couple of hands, all of the information that can be garnered will be of use to you. Check out these clips and others at youtube:

81 WSOP Video

2006 World Series Of Poker Final Hand Vid

WSOP 2006 NLHE Main Event Video

1997 WSOP Video

World Series Of Poker On TV

One of the most useful parts of such a video are the interview segments. In fact, you will probably learn more from the interview than you will by watching the game, entertaining as that may be. On a lot of different videos of the WSOP, the poker pros give insight to how and why they played a hand a certain way as they are watching clips of the match themselves. These interviews will give you a great idea of the thought process behind a winning or a losing play. An important thing to note here is that while many poker pros are surprisingly open about their play, no one is going to come out and say exactly how they play on a World Series of Poker video or anywhere else. There’s no such thing as a retirement age for a poker pro, so it’s important that he or she keeps the competition guessing, and you better believe that the big guns in the competitive poker world do their own jobs when it comes to scouting their opponents!

Aside from the educational aspect, watching images of the World Series of Poker on TV or anywhere else can be downright entertaining. Wile in large part this is due to the caliber of commentators working on the game in question, the level of intensity from the players will also contribute. There are some big name players out there who also bring big egos and big tempers to the table, and it is very interesting to watch them when luck is not on their side. In fact, you might even find this aspect helpful to your own poker game, as you see how the reaction of certain players affects their game play.

Even the most highly publicized versions of the World Series of Poker on TV are actually World Series of Poker video. The event is so huge, with so many possible outcomes in a huge amount of tournaments, that it would be impossible to accurately broadcast live (plus the fact that these tournaments can take days just at one table!). As a result, the World Series of Poker on TV does not always have the live aspect that some sporting events do, although it’s a good place to catch pros off guard in an interview.

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