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The Popularity of Poker

With the possible exception of bridge, the game of poker has probably eclipsed all other card games in terms of popularity and people play poker for real money more often than not. Poker has always been an intrinsic part of American culture, especially in popular depictions of the American West, thanks to increased exposure in recent years it has made a huge imprint on the modern, international consciousness. Nothing attests to the huge popularity better than the fact that major tournaments including the World Series of Poker enjoy popularity on sports channels such as ESPN in the United States.

Although there are several variations of poker played in casinos, through clubs, and in poker rooms all over, the hands down international favorite these days where players play poker for real money is Texas Hold ‘Em. People play many variations in huge numbers both online and off, at any kind of party, and in specific game rooms in many land based casinos. In fact, the surge of popularity has meant the re-opening of once defunct game rooms in major gambling cities such as Las Vegas. No matter whether your preference leans towards video poker, online poker, or land based games, the odds are pretty good that you will be able to find a game. Also, be sure to visit our page at online poker for more information.

With the insurgence of this popular sport there has been a high demand for free no download type games, which makes it easy to access these games virtually anywhere and play poker instantly or even play mobile poker. Welcomes you and invites you to be interactive with our poker website community and ask us lots of questions, practice lots and read lots so you can become a better player and eventually play poker for real money without the fear of losing your life savings. Without further adue, welcome to and don’t forget to bookmark us!



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